Your Help Can Recapture the Green Party for Feminism

The Green Party of the United States, like so many political and service organizations in the mileu of the political left is under attack and at serious risk of being thoroughly captured by gender-identity ideology.  Given the escalating crisis our species faces from war and imperialism, mass extinction and the catasrophic climate crisis we do not have time to start over.  The IPCC has given us till 2030 to right the ship, at the risk of ecological collapse should we fail to do so.  Your generous contribution helps us to wage a struggle for the very soul of our feminist-valuing political party.  No candidate divorced from material reality will be able to successfully contest for power and lead our communities, our nation and our global neighbors back from the brink.  It will take thoughful courageous leadership, grounded in material reality to make the difference which is required.  

Our success depends on your constributions to the effort, to your engagement as a party member, volunteer, activist, candidate for internal leadership and candidate for local public office.  We look forward to an opportunity to work with you in these various capacities. 

Please give generously!

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